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Strala Inspired
Bliss Yoga of Shelby Township, Michigan, is inspired by Strala Yoga of New York, created by Tara Stiles. Strala’s mission is helping people create a happy, healthy, capable life. This has to do with connecting with your self. Which doesn’t happen just from posing! The poses are part of it, but there is a bigger picture here. Get Ready to Transform Your Life!

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Bliss Mission

Bliss Yoga promotes positive health by reducing stress, increasing fitness, managing chronic health conditions, and weight loss. We believe the health of the community is dependent on the health of all of its members.

We help guide you back to your true self. We believe that in yoga there is no right way, rather that the right way is your own. You are the expert of your ever changing body and mind. We allow you to connect with yourself, to listen and feel your way through the poses. Injuries come from wanting to be somewhere other than where we are. There is no correct posing, only finding ease in effort and letting go of the struggle to get someplace else.

We speak English and not an ancient language. We keep the room temperature comfortable. We look forward to meeting you!

This is Bliss
Bliss is the subtle difference between ordinary and exciting, the factor that makes just another stranger into your friend, your teacher, or your lover. Bliss is what turns an activity into a passion; it’s what changes noise into song, foot movement into dance, travel into adventure, and the mundane into a life worth living. Bliss is the measure of intensity. It’s what continues to draw your attention, moment after moment. It’s what makes a feeling worth having. Like the Tao, true bliss has no definite form. Your personal bliss cannot be named, it has a flow of experience that changes from moment to moment.  The pursuit of a bliss-filled life, whatever the details of that might be for you.
Welcome home to ease.
Mary Sabo, founder of Bliss Yoga, and Tara Styles, founder of Strala Yoga.



" If you're looking for a clean, welcoming, and non-judging studio to practice yoga, then this is the place. I've been practicing here for over a year now and absolutely love it! Everyone from instructors to fellow yogi's are very friendly and helpful, I really can't say enough about Bliss Yoga. It's been great for me! Try their 14 day for $14 package and you won't be disappointed."

Jill B ~

"I love going to Bliss Yoga, the studio is very open and inviting and the instructors are really good. They also have a wine and book club every month which is really cool. I will continue to come here because it was an amazing first experience into the yoga world."

Emily F ~

"I've been practicing at Bliss Yoga for over two years. While this is the first studio I've ever gone to, I've never felt the need or desire to go anywhere else. The instruction is fantastic. The studio itself is spotless and beautiful. There is always a fun, friendly and positive atmosphere. I've found Yoga to be extremely beneficial in my life, and most of that benefit is due to this great studio."

Edward S ~